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11 Best Free Android Apps of 2014

We all wonder what to download in our android smartphone from that whole lot of apps available in the Google Play store .The choice becomes tiresome sometimes, since getting through with that wholesome of choices gets one bewildered beyond senses. Here, we present you the Best free android apps 2013. After reading this post you can just stay put and download the most useful and entertaining apps without going through the options present in those heaps of apps available. Here, we provide you all that you need to know before jumping into the pool of free apps.

Following is the list of Best free android apps 2013.

1). Pitfall!


Here’s a game presented by Activision, into the industry for as long as 30 years. This game surely offers what the newly released tablets and mobile phones with android interface required. Yes! After the phenomenal success of temple run. This provides the same game play style and is the new addiction. Pittfall! Provides you with the graphics and motions at its best till date. In our opinion “this is a sure download game”.

2). Seesmic


There are presently a ton of apps for twitter on the android. Also the Twitter has on boarded its own launched app into the Play. But still, Seesmic is still of its kind. The app provides with a total professional and user friendly design without hoch poch of any kind. It proves to be booming due to its spick and span style. Seesmic beating the own launched app by twitter stays to be the 2nd most wanted app on your tabs or mobiles if you are a tweeter.

3). Flipboard : Your News Magazine


Many renowned and prestigious newspaper companies have themselves launched apps on the market. So are other news portals in this list. But Flipboard gives you all the news on your screen when you dock your device .in the era of less time , it provides us with the news on the go in just one click .Supported by android 4.2 now too. This glossy digital magazine is truly a time saver.

4). Nike+ Running

nike running

So, your device has a GPS and you like running. This app is for you. It uses the GPS from the phone with the accelerometer that records the Run data. Now you can run and see your runs in greater detail and integration. Cool! Isn’t it?

5). Facebook for android users

facebook android

The revolutionary Facebook app was lacking in many features and amidst of many updates more and more bugs were being reported. But fret not! The recent update has taken care of many things and the users are joyous, once again! The new inbox feature added to this android app provides the users to interact and communicate in real time! Now the other thing it offers you is the 2s viz. swiftness and stability! The developers have strongly taken care of the fatal and repugnant crashes. Refresh interval is sonic too!

6). Google Sky map

Google Sky Map

Wonder what constellation that is pointing up to the sky? Or Is that a UFO or Venus? This app is for you. This app uses the orientation tools of your phone and remarkably gives you the accurate representation of the stars. You just have to point it to sky and learn what Constellations of the stars is visible. No, it is not necessary to be outside. It works indoor as well! Cosy and informative!

7). Layar


The legendary layar. Real world locations are so less passive using this app! Now since the app has gone commercial , it is now much better than before , providing the users to buy travel guides and other AR content. It magnificently provides with the futuristic experience .

8). Fitocracy


Gamer, you are? And you wonder how to stay fit! Well, my friend this app is for you. It gives you chance to be real life video game character and you can discover workout techniques and exercises using this app. It is surely a win-win app!

9). X BOX Smart glass

xbox smartglass android

This app converts your device into a smart remote. Now you can navigate around the Xbox 360 and interact with the movie or music app in Xbox. Of course the main potential lies in gaming. But currently only a handful of games are compatible like Dance Central 3 and Forza Horizon.

10). WordPress for Android

WordPress Android

Actually the app for this functionality was wpTogo. WordPress later on bought it and hired the developer. Knowing its potential this app is bound to be useful. It offers full integration with the other apps. You can now just take the content and send it directly to the app for easy updating.

11). Google Goggles

Google Goggles

Wonder what are you looking at ? click a pic and send it too Google using this app .Google will analyses it for you and will tell you what it thinks you are looking at. Its main feature is QR code reader which scans the barcodes for quick access to apps.

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