Monday, 19 January 2015

How Google Adsense Changed my Entire Life Style with Monthly Salary

While I am writing this block of sentence, I feels that I am at the peak of joy and happiness. I am very happy to tell all of my readers How Google Adsense changed my life style within one year.  Before going to this, let me introduce myself. My name is Jinson and currently I am pursuing Masters In Computer Application from Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam. I am living in Kerala usually called as God’s Own Country, a state of India.

I grown up in poor family in which my father was a farmer. At my childhood, I struggled a lot for wearing pretty dresses, new pair of chapels, having good foods and even for watching movies. My nearby friends always buy new clothes, they always go for latest movies with their parents and weekly go outside for other activities with their family. Very sadly I discuss these matters to my mother. All time, she used to tell me that I will also have a day where other friends looks at you. Keeping those words in my mind, I passed every standards with good marks.

My Life changing incidents were started after passing 10th standard. It was the earlier time, results of 10th standard started publishing in Internet. I never used or seen Internet before that. At the day I ran to nearby Internet Cafe and asked the staff to check my results. I wonder how easy things going with the use of Internet. Gods Grace! I passed 10th standard with 93% of mark. As my Father promised, he bought me a new computer through a hire purchase system.

With in 2 months, I learned as much as possible about the working of computer. While my parents are outside, I used to open the CPU and try to understand about the internal parts. While seeing the internal parts I realize that the computer teacher told about Processor, RAM, Hard disk in 10th standard were right.

I was not comfortable without Internet. At that time, I had no mobile for taking a connection. I understand that buying a Net Setter is the only way for me to get Internet Connection. But it cost nearly 2000 Rs [40$]. Don’t laugh about the price. This is not US or UK. Here for a farmer it is very difficult to earn 2000 Rs. So I didn’t ask dad for the money. When I realize that my vacation is still 1 month remaining, I asked nearby shop for a shopkeeper post. He gave the job with a daily wage of 100 Rs. For one month I worked there and earned 2500 Rs. With that money I bought new Netsetter with 2G speed of 140Kb/s.

Life started changing after taking Internet Connection

Internet at home teach me more things. Whenever a doubt arise, I used Internet to resolve. Same time, I searched Internet for many online works and none of them get success. Finally I found a advertisement in newspaper which offering daily jobs on Internet. I joined the program by spending 1000 Rs. In the one day training period, they teach me how to do works in Amazon’s mturk and provide me a mturk account. [If I were aware about that website, I won’t spend my money there] The first week of doing work at mturk was hard. I used to do Oscar Smith’s Business card typing job. It gave me 0.02$ per hit. For 1 month I do the job and earned 20$.

I request for a withdrawal and amazon check arrived my home after 1 month. My father and mother feel very happy by seeing that 700Rs Check. With in that time, by doing business card work on mturk, I earned so much authority and accuracy and many other works that were locked get opened. I try to do some huge earning works and it game me monthly checks up to 5000.

While working at mturk, I realize that this is not a good option for online earning. We got paid only if we spend huge amount of time in front of computer. Searching Internet I found blogging is the better way of online earning for students. Story of Amit Agarwal, Hash Agarwal etc inspired me.

Google Adsense and Blogging Career

Like most of the bloggers, I started my blogging career in a platform. For nearly 6 months, I used blogger platform without a custom domain. I tried Google Adsense for many times and all the time, they rejected my application. Every time they mailed me some of the problems of my websites. Finally I resolved all of my problems and the last problem was with the domain. They replied me to upgrade to some Top level Domain. Finally on January 2013 I bought me first domain.

From the very next day itself I applied for Adsense again and I got approved. But I found that Google Adsense is not worth without good traffic from Western countries. For 2-3 months I received less than 0.50$ and I continued blogging.

Things changed from the month of July 2013

Many of my articles had improved SERP in Google. Within that time period, I covered nearly 100 stunning articles. Daily unique visitors raised upto 5000. Alexa rank improved and it come to 18k. At that time, I earned more than 20$ daily from Google Adsense. Tricksage covered many of the necessary topics and solutions for various computer and Internet problems. I got very huge reputation and finally received My first Adsense Check of 300$.

My parents were really happy to see the Google Adsense Check of 17000 Rs. They asked me what I am really doing to get this much of amount in a month. [Here average Govt. officers are not getting  17000 Rs in a month.] I explained as possible about blogging. From that month of August 2013, I am receiving Adsense Income continuously.

How Niche Blogs traffic affected my Google Adsense Earnings?

While writing blog articles, I learned about SEO as much as possible. From the  experience of many other bloggers, I found that niche blogs can receive huge amount of traffic and thus Adsense earnings. So I also started thinking about niche blog optimization. My first niche blog was related to April Fools day of 2014. I started working from February 2014. The results was awesome. I received more than 100000 unique visitors. Earned more than 2000$ in that single day.


Getting inspiration from this, I focused more on niche blogs than regular blogging. That’s why tricksage now on alexa rank of 100k. I tried atleast one niche blog on a month. Niche blogs for Easter, Ramadan, Mothers day, Fathers day,Friendship day were super success.

What Changes did Adsense made in my life?

With the single Adsense account, I was able to fulfill all my dreams seen at my childhood. In my childhood I look at others wearing new shoes, dresses etc and now they are looking at my new bike,dress, shoes… But I am not that much selfish. I try to manage most of the needs at my home. I used to give money to my friends while they struggles. Finally I used to give some for the poor.

While concluding my words, I would like to give a big thanks for Google for providing such an opportunity for students to manage their needs. Not only for students but also all people those have some writing skills can attain a good living through a blog and an Adsense account.

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