How to Monitor Traffic Stats of Your Websites :

First go to the Website. Click “Register” for creating a new account.  Then fill the form for new account.  After completing the new account process click “add a website”.

track your blog traffic with histats

Give your sites URL and other details for creating a track code.  Now a stats account was created for your blog.  Next click the “Counter CODE” option in top right.  and click “add a counter code” for creating a animated Visitors Widget.  Next click the counter code option for get your java script.

Blogger :

    Now copy the JavaScript and open  your Blog’s Profile => Layout. Click add a gadget, a pop up will be opened.  Click “HTML/JavaScript” and past the coding in this widget.  Now moves the widgets wherever you want  in your blog. Now you can track your blog’s traffic stats in histats.

WordPress :

    As same as copy the JavaScript code and go to your WordPress Admin Page, then go