The discovery box has two features. 1st one is you increase your blog’s page-views by displaying related posts within your blog. And second one is you can drive your traffic by displaying other blog’s links ( this method only helps to make money ). If anyone of your visitors can click those links disqus will paid some amount to you. This money making program is based on CPC – Cost Per Click method. The minimum payment threshold is $100, once your account has reached $100 you can paid via PayPal. Let us know how to make money in Disqus or how to activate Discovery Program.                                           How to Activate Disqus Discovery Feature in Your Blog :

Step: 1

  • Go to the Disqus Website.

  • Login with your Details.

Step : 2

  • Click “Admin” on the top right.

  • Click Setting option and select your Website.


Step : 3

  • Select Discovery tab in below the options.

  • Choose your Earnings level. (you can earn more money and increase your traffic ).

  • Finally click “Save Changes” button.

  • Now your blog is ready to earn from Disqus