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Increase Facebook Likes from 0 to 500k Secret Explored

 I amDman to use these social networking services. Most of us uses to find out our forgotten friends. Some like to make private chat with their boyfriend or girlfriend, some people like to play Facebook games, Online marketing, Flirting and so on


There are another kind of people those are looking for getting Likes and comments for their Status, Profile picture, images, Pages etc. I know some people personally those are begging to like their status and pics through personal chat. There are no hacking tricks to get millions of likes in Facebook. If there exists, it is only possible to deadly hackers and programmers. Are you a hacker or programmer? Absolutely No. So we are sharing some other loop holes and tips to get good amount of Likes for your Facebook Pages, Profile Pictures, Status etc.

Don’t think that this is quite risky job. Options mentions below are completely safe and no need of afraid about Account Suspend. For your Continence we had classified Facebook Like getting methods into two categories.

  • Natural Way of Like

  • Un-Natural Like methods

Natural Way of Getting Likes for Facebook Status and Pictures

1: Tagging and Re-Tagging Method

Tagging is an awesome way for receiving natural likes. Tagging is possible if you upload a picture or when you change your profile picture. Currently Facebook allows Maximum 50 tags which is quite easy to make like floods. You may lost like of your best friend because if he fail to discover when you add a new pic. This can be solved by tagging him in your picture. While tagging, your pic will be on the timeline of victim and visible in his notifications. Even if others comment or like the pic, he will be notified easily and continuously. Finally he surely like that pic.

This won’t work fine if your target disabled tagging feature via Facebook Settings. When uploading a new image tag upto 50 and after one or two days remove tagging and tag another 50. Continue this process until you finish tagging your complete friends. If you have 1000 Friends, you will definitely get more than 500 Likes.

2: Then What if I don’t like tagging?

Common Doubt. If you don’t like tagging all your friends on a single image, there is an alternative method.Recalling the status. It means, in Facebook, if you like or comment anything, it will shows as a notification for your friends. That means, while you upload or change a status, it will notified for your friends. Similarly if you make a comment, it also visible.

After changing status, pictures, never forget your change. Reply to those had made a comment. Also at end of day unlike you status/pics and re-like yourself. Your every action will notified to your friends and they will like it.

Un-Natural ways for getting Facebook Like free

Natural methods for getting likes are mentioned above, Now lets talk about some brutal ways for getting Forced Likes from others all over the world. We are going to talk about some websites that full fill your needs. This topic includes

  • Likes from addmefast

  • Likes from Autolikers

  • Like Exchanging websites

  • Like selling websites

 How can be used to Increase Facebook Likes?

There is no value for those website which are offering social credit exchange without enough visitors. More the visitors, more exchange value. There are many websites still providing social exchange without enough traffic. The problem will be for the customers. When someone tries for a social credit exchange, he should need to wait for a long time.

But Addmefast is completely different. Its awesome feature is that there will be more than 1000 k visitors at any moment. So if you have points, you will get points very quickly. Let’s check out how to get facebook likes from Addmefast.

#1: Create an account on

#2: Next step is to buy some credit points or earn some points. You could get points with some dollars. If you don’t want to loss money, start liking, sharing, viewing others stuffs.

#3: After you earn some points, click on Add Site/Page button.

#4: There you can add what type of social credit you can receive. [For eg: Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Page like etc]

#5: After filling details, click save button.


Now you can see that your Page/photo getting likes quickly until your gained points finishes or till the desired limit.

NB: 1. It is better to give points not less than 7. If you give 10 points, it will have more priority than lower points.

2. If you are not purchasing credits, it would better to create a fake Facebook account and start liking others pages/ photos. Otherwise it will annoy your friends.

Addmefast also provides points for Daily Login and for refering friends.

Like4Like Another Facebook Like Exchanging program

Like4Like is another Social Credit exchanging program like above mentioned addmefast. Even if both have same feature, addmefast is better than that of like4like. Design and user experience features are comparatively low for like4like. But the important advantage is it’s huge traffic.

In case of Visitors amount, like4like holds the second position after addmefast. So whenever you add your photos, pages for liking with others, you will get the result quickly. Another thing is that there is no need of using like4like if you are familiar with addmefast.


There are many other social credit exchanging websites like addmefast and like4like. But most of them are time sucking because of low visitor amount. Even if you earn some credits and put your page for likes, it may took weeks or even months for getting like. So please use any of the above two for social credit exchanging.

Buying Facebook likes

Since the popularity of Facebook Likes get increased, the popularity of like selling websites and software also increased. There are hundreds of online portal offering big discounts for purchasing Facebook likes. There will  be also other social credits to purchase. But are all such websites genuine? There will be some frauds among them. I will help you to classify them. offers fast and real Facebook likes

Last week, I had purchased some likes for my Facebook page from I found that webpage from Search engines, feels like better option than others. Initially, I found that the webpage is secure with its https protocol. However for the first time I bought the lowest package. For 27$ I bought 250 Real Likes. They gave me it on the same day itself. I check the profiles of all those liked my page. I found that all profiles were updated recently and it was owned by real persons. I don’t know how the team send me good likes within short time. After that I purchased a bigger cart. this time, they took 5 days to completely deliver what I asked. Below are the price table for different Cart.

facebook like prize

There is also option to target the audience. I bought likes from US.

Autolikers for getting quick Facebook Likes free

Now Lets talk about the most brutal way of getting Facebook Likes. Its possible with AutoLikers. From the name itself, its clear that something  automatically likes our page, status. Yes its some peace of Code that exactly requires your Facebook token to exchange likes between people on the same website. There are lot of such services but only some of them actually works.

Be sure that you are not using autolikers with your real account. just create a fake account and use autolikers to like your real pages status, profile pictures etc. It is because sharing access tokens of  Facebook is like sharing your password. So be Careful.

Below are some of the currently working autoliker webpages.

Among above websites, Once I received 200 quick likes from for my profile picture. Again I am warning you not use these websites with your real Facebook if. Create fake account and then only try autolikers.

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