Saturday, 17 January 2015

Top 4 Ideas : how to decrease your Blog / Website Loading Time

Hai friends this is my first post in this new blog i have already managed a technology blog called Through this blog i am going to write about the technology articles, So try to read our regular post and give ur co-operation for us, thank you.  Today we are supposed to talk about how to decrease the loading time in your blog/wordpress website. Whether it is blogger or wordpress both types of blogs are must load with the minimum loading time, because the seo(Search Engine Optimization) development of the website are depends upon the loading time. If a site or blog are open quickly, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, are crawling it’s data quickly and comfortably. And also visitors did not like the slowest or heavy loading sites, so the page views of a blog was automatically down. Then your blog’s income was also decreased step by step.

how to decrease your Blog / Website Loading Time : 

  • Avoid Featured Templates : 

     Templates/Themes are playing the major role in the websites loading time. Because simple templates (blogger or wordpress) are loading quickly, but some templates (which has lots of options and magazine style templates) have some trouble in loading. so avoid featured templates and royal templates it will help much more. Always use SEO friend templates/themes for your blog, it helps to increase your blog’s seo power. 

  • Remove Useless Widgets / Plugins : 

    This is the biggest mistake which has been making by many bloggers. yes many bloggers are having more useless widgets or plugins for their blogs, it will affect the blogs loading time. so only keep some necessary widgets and avoid unnecessary widgets or plugins. Many bloggers use two different plugins for a single purpose, that is really bad. for example if you want plugin for “seo” then use “All in one SEO pack” or try “SEO by yoast”, but don’t think to use both for a same blog because it did not do a big magic in the search, but it may be a drawback for your blog. So make sure that you don’t use multiple plugins for a same purpose.

  • Resize your Images : 

     If you want to use certain images in your blog post, then resize all the images before use. Because if you use full size of the images it can take more memory and it gives trouble with loading. If you feel that its really hard to compress images, then use the help of image editing software. There are thousands of free photo editing software are available in online, a choose a suitable one for you.

  • Use Good Hosting : 

     This idea is not for bloggers who use blogger blog, so it does not a problem for those kind of bloggers. But when it comes to a wordpress sites it should have a self hosting so they must use some good hosting for a good loading speed. If you use a basic plan and you feel it did not suitable for you then try to select the upgraded plans for you.

  •  Don’t display more Advertisements:

Advertisements are the major income source for maximum blogs and websites in online, every bloggers wants to make money from their blog there is no any alternative view. But display less ads in a page helps to load quickly and completely. And also blogs which has quality content with less advertisements is gets more chances to rank higher in the search engines

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