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Torrent downloading blocked in College,Office WiFi networks – Unlock it easily

In order to avoid unwanted downloads, majority of offices, schools, colleges and other private Networks block websites like Facebook, torrent, and entertainment websites. You will get some error messages when you try to access those webpages. I am forced to write this article due to my own experience. Last month I joined for Masters in Computer Application. In our college, there is a public Wi-Fi with 10 times more speed than my home network. It requires only 1 or two hours to download a movie where as in my home it requires 10-15 hours. But when we ask about college Wi-Fi to one of our senior guy, he said that some of the webpages including torrent is blocked on the network. No problem for Facebook, YouTube etc.

Now What to do? I don’t like to spent my 2 years on fb and YouTube. I started finding some awesome way to unlock the torrent to download torrent files from blocked networks. Finally it worked. Now I am the only one who downloads movies and software from our college WiFi with a speed of 1MB-2MB/Sec [This is India where average speed of networks are below 50KB/Sec]. After this, Friends always says that college WiFi is very slow but I never told them what is the reason.

Step 1: Download .torrent files in blocked networks

The first step to download torrent files is to download the .torrent file which you want to download. You know there are hundreds of torrent hosting websites in which you can search your desired file and download the .torrent file. You may familiar with the top using torrent search engines like

Go to any of the above websites and search for your desired file. For ex: If you want to download adobe Photoshop, navigate to any of the above site and search for it. Then you download the .torrent file.

My torrent Search Engines are also Blocked. Then What?

Many Colleges, universities, Offices, Schools blocks the torrent websites. Most commonly the biggest search engines like, etc. When we navigate to this pages, it show some network errors. If they blocked torrent sites instead of P2P traffic, our work is so simple. We just need to use some proxy websites to unblock the blocked websites.

Easy Solution if the torrent search engines are blocked instead of torrent ports

As I mentioned above, Many institution blocks just the major torrent search engines. While the user try to enter these sites they will get network error message. Hence they will stop trying download torrent files. If somebody have a knowledge in handling proxy websites for unlocking locked/blocked websites, they will surely use them and unblock these torrent websites.

The above link shows how you can unblock a blocked websites. Here I am telling you only a brief description.

♦ Go to any of the free proxy websites. [, etc are examples]

unblock torrent

♦ Enter the address of your favorite torrent search engines in the proxy websites address bar.

♦ Now you bypassed the blocked torrent website.

♦ Search and download the torrent file.

♦ Use utorrent or similar application for downloading the torrent file.

utorrent application is blocked instead of torrent websites

If your college, school authorities have little bit technical skill, they will block p2p traffic of the Wi-Fi. In that case none of the peer to peer applications like utorrent get worked. The settings of router won’t allows other computers to connect with your’s and allow file sharing. If this is the situation, try downloading torrent data via Internet Download manager.

Step2:- Download Torrent Data through IDM or through other similar Services

No way you can download torrent data if the admin had blocked all P2P data sharing in the router. When You use utorrent under this situation, Download and Upload rate won’t change from 0KB/s. This is because you can’t join with other seeders of the torrent file. In this case downloading torrent files through IDM only get work.

♦ Download .torrent file in any way [Step 1 will help you]

♦ Now Upload the .torrent file in any of the website that allows you to download torrent directly via your browser or through download managers. [, etc] offers similar service. You can read the complete story ofdownloading torrent directly from here.

Through this method, you could able to download torrent files with great speed. But one problem is that, you should keep downloading continues. If you try to Pause and play, you may loose the download. I hope that there will be no problem for those have huge Internet bandwidth. You can ask any doubts regarding the torrent download in bloked networks. We are happy to help you.

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