How to Upload Videos in YouTube :

  • Step : 1

     Go to the YouTube home page.  Sign in with your Gmail id & Password.

  • Step : 2

     Go to your Channel then Click “Upload” option on the top right side. 

  • Step : 3

     A new window will be opened.  Click “Select files to Upload” option for Uploading a video from your Computer or click “Record” option for record live Video from Webcam, or click “Create” option for Photo Slideshow videos.  

add videos in youtube


  • Step : 4

   After the Uploading insert Title, Description, Tags for the video.   These are very useful tool for find your videos in YouTube.  

  • Step : 5

     Select any Thumbnails from the following below thumbnails or Upload new thumbnail for your video.

  • Step : 6

     Select “Public” option in the Privacy Settings, select correct category and save the settings. 


  • Step : 7

     Monetizing Options =>  if your account was eligible to Monetization (Google Adsense Account), you have “Monetizing Options” on bottom side.( if you have it, then select it)


  • Step : 8

     Select “Monetize my video” option and “Overlay in videos ads” on ad formats. finally save the settings. 

how to monetize youtube videos


  • Step : 9 

     Next  go the “Video Manager” Page, if your video have a “dollar symbol” in green colour, the video was monetized.  Then you can make money via your videos.