Sunday, 8 February 2015

Top 5 Best Paid Apps for Photo Editing (Android and iPhone)

If you thought photo editing ended at Instagram, think again. There exists an album of various effects that can wow others and yourself through many ingenious photograph editing apps.

In no time you can treat your photos to various styles that suit your needs and mood. Also in a mobile generated world, who has the time to treat photos at home when you can easily do that with your Smartphone the minute you click them!

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get all kinds of effects on your photographs. Thankfully, there exists an ocean of photo apps that can add a twinkle to your eye, conceal away face blemishes and brighten your smile, giving you the glamour quotient to your photo album.

We pick out the top 5 photo apps that your smart phone must have to help enhance your photo beauty!


Crazy about a vintage feel? Retromatic is the answer. This app is on iOS platform, free to use on phones and iPad. It can be downloaded with as little as $1.99 enabling you to pick up photos from anywhere, allowing you to cut them through easy to use tools and adding a vintage filter to it.

Even though the app churns out fun visuals with its retro effect, but it is known to face a few hiccups leaving the experience slightly frustrating for a beginner.
The overall look and feel is refreshing and artsy! The 50`s inspired theme would be ideal to make flyers or postcards you could play and experiment with. Got a themed party? Try retro e-vites!


If typography is your type and you like expressing with words then this tool, Ambergram is a must download.

With probably the lowest app rates out there, this app can win anyone and have them smiling for the rest of the day. With endless compositions made from these photos of fonts, you can be as playful with words as with images.

Whether you want to make up to someone or ask them out for coffee, this app can do wonders!

Available on a platform for iPhone and Android it can be downloaded on any mobile device.

Paper Camera:

Available on platforms Android and iPhone, this app can be downloaded in Almost 2 $ and is a delight for users who love photos turned into sketches or into a comic strip. The app gives away a dozen options to display effects; you can try different styles for a paper produced artsy feel! Have your photos look like they have been manually drawn and sketched out on paper. A stunningly unique app all textured to turn your photos into a piece of art. You can even add various tones to your photos and the effects are absolutely stunning!


Available on android and iPhone, this app adds that midas touch to all your vacation snaps. Adding a picturesque filter to your photos, this app has a great collage feature where you can choose your perfect snap through multiple layouts with photo booth effects.

The app although can work with all sorts of images but gives a best result on buildings and scenery. So this app is a must download once out on your favorite vacation spot. Automatically all your pictures taken from your phone would be optimized to perfection where you can fondly look back at your photo wonder album. Reminisce your vacation every time you open your wonderful album. This app will have you planning for your next vacation!


Now this is a must app for those who think twice before uploading a photo on social sharing platforms. With the right tools this app fixes blemishes, whitens teeth and gives you that flawless cover photo look. With Facetune you can put all your worries away and feel like a diva, once all your hang-ups are sorted through this most handy app. Take photo, fix a spot and voila! Now you can hog the limelight as your photo gets liked by all your friends, a little extra something for an instant ego boost. When it comes to fabulous selfies, this app would help you look your best instantly with brilliance and ease.

The mixed assortment of above mentioned photo apps help you express yourself not just creatively but ensure that you are able to help fix all your hang ups before publishing a photo on all social networks. For a time that is travelling at the speed of light, why must you let anything stop you from expressing yourself uniquely? Get noticed. Capture moments and make the best of what technology offers you and add a little magic of these fun and easy to use photo apps in your life, right away!

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