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The Top 35 Classified Ads Posting Sites Are listed Below

Classified sites are a place where you can sell or buy products at affordable prices. Classified sites playing a major role to grow up your business. It is a place where people share resources to expand their business online. These websites allow people to sell their products, add pictures and website links in their ads. So I have listed out the best and useful free classified sites which will be helpful for you. Start posting your ads.
high pr classified sites list

Mostly free classified ads posting site provide nofollow linkbut because these sites have high traffic that is why we get organic traffic from there. So add your site to below list and increase organic traffic ranking.

The top 35 Classified ads posting sites are listed below.

SL.Classified sites PR


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Remove Password from PDF Files on Mac OS X

Remove Password from PDF Files on Mac OS X

The files are kept password protected in order to secure the information which is enclosed in them. Mostly, people password protect their PDF files in order to save their content from theft and want to make it inaccessible. However, in spite of being password protected, you can actually remove password from PDF files and that is only possible from Mac OS X.

However, many of you must not be acquaint with the procedure of doing so. Therefore, today we are going to make you guys learn that, “How to Remove Password from PDF files on Mac OS X?” You are supposed to go through the below piece of writing in order to remove password from PDF files.

How to Remove Password from PDF Files on Mac OS X

So, here are the steps which you need to follow in order to learn that, “How to Remove Password from PDF files on Mac OS X. The tricks are quiet simple and easy, you are only supposed to read the guidance correctly then you can easily remove password from PDF files. However, you must know the view-only password at least to remove the complete password from it.

  • First of all, Open PDF file in Preview and then it will ask you to enter the View-Only Password, enter the password and then file will be previewed.

  • Ones the PDF file is opened then you need to Click on Save option from File menu.

  • Now, a dialog box will get appear. Now, from that dialog you can remove the set password on the file by unchecking the Encrypt Option.

  • Ones you have uncheck the Encrypt option then name the file and Save it at any accessible place.

  • This was it!

Best tool for transfer/share file by LAN

Best tool for transfer/share file by LAN

Are you Fed up with transferring files from one computer to another computer on same network?  Then this post is for you to help you to transfer your files very easily and very fast with in your computers on LAN.

In this post we will show you few tools for transferring. You can choose any tool listed below based on your requirements. Ofcourse you can also transfer the files without using any tool i.e by using Windows HomeGroup but this is little time taking process as to setup the HomeGroup, So here are few tools we are listing for sharing files on LAN.



This is a powerful cross platform application with simple user Interface. This application don’t need any server or internet connection. All you need is to just connect to same network ,In which the computer you want to transfer the files is present.

This application is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and also for Android and iPhone. and there is also protable version available for this app.

You can get this app from for free Official Site


This application is available for free and easy to use.Look at this video to know working of Instashare to share files on LAN. The Biggest disadvantage of this application is you can only receive the files on your mobile but you can’t send from mobile and it is also not available to Linux Operating System.

You can get this application from Official Site


This is one more application for transferring the files on LAN, This application is better than AirDrop for mobile & desktop. This is available both desktop and mobile operating systems Windows and Linux Operating systems including the Raspberry PI which is not found in other applications used for file transferring on LAN.And it had also powerful file searching capability.

The only disadvantage of this application is not available for mobile and mac computers.

You can download this application from Official Site

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Dreamhost web hosting $55 discount coupon 2015

Dreamhost web hosting $55 discount coupon 2015


Are you looking for a reliable and affordable hosting with huge discount?. You have landed on the right place as I have an irresistible offer for you. Dreamhost web hosting is one of the renowned name in the web hosting industry and this is the same hosting company with which I started my blogging career. I have a special tie-up with Dreamhost to offer you an exclusive deal which will be complete value for money.

With Dreamhost you can grab 1 year of unlimited hosting + 1 free domain name for $69 using coupon code mentioned below. If you are not sure which hosting you should go for.

The good thing is now Indians and other Asian countries can take advantage of this $55 Dreamhost discount coupon, and grab hosting + domain at cheapest price possible.

Dreamhost $55 Discount coupon: Special offer

Alltipstrickes is partnered with Dreamhost to give special hosting offer to Shouters. With our special landing page and coupon code “ATT55” you will not only get one year hosting and one free domain,  and all this for only $69/year.

Here are some of the notable features of Dreamhost:

  • Unlimited Hosting Space

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • 2 free domains

  • One click WordPress installation

  • Custom dashboard and user-friendly UI

To avail this offer you need to go to our special landing page using this special link. On the page, you will see something as shown in below picture, click on “Sign up now” and follow the simple registration process.

I have embedded the code in the sign up link and also mentioned the discount coupon, so that you can verify the same at the time of checkout.

How to setup Install Adobe Flash Player in andriod

Adobe Flash player is something really awesome which enables vector graphics, animations, games and videos enables on your device. This can be installed in your android devices by a manual process. Unfortunately, the Adobe Flash Player doesn’t work on Android OS beyond the Ice cream sandwich 4.0 version.

Android 4.4 KitKat was not supported by Adobe Flash as a system feature but you can still install it manually on your device. Go through the following steps to install Adobe Flash player in Android 4.4, 4.3, 4.2 and 4.1.

Steps to Install Adobe Flash Player

  • Enable the option to install non-market apps on your device. Go to Settings >> Security >> CheckUnknown Sources

  • Download the boat or dolphin browsers from the Google app store

  • If you are using the dolphin browser then you also have to download Dolphin Jetpack app from the play store

  •  Download the Adobe Flash version on your PC or directly to your android device through browser

  • If this is done via your PC, copy and paste the software to your device’s internal storage or any micro SD card

  • The APK file of the downloaded Adobe Flash can be found in the file manager of your android device

  • Select the APK file to install Adobe Flash Player

  • After successful installation, launch the boat or dolphin browser on your device

  • Go to the settings of your browser and to enable the flash player plug-ins

  • This was it!

For Android 4.0, 4.1,4.2,4.3 Operating Systems

Some of the browsers such as Google chrome and opera mini does not support Adobe Flash player. However, Mozilla Firefox, boat, dolphin and android 4.0 browsers support this software. The process to install this software is same for all 4.0,4.1,4.2 and 4.3 versions. Here we will show you process for 4.3, which is the jelly bean operating system.

Steps to follow to install Adobe Flash player

  • Enable the option to install non-market apps on your device. Go to Settings >> Security >> Check Unknown Sources

  • Download the Adobe Flash version on your PC or directly to your android device through browser

  • If this is done via your PC, copy and paste the software to your device’s internal storage or any micro SD card

  • The APK file of the downloaded Adobe Flash can be found in the file manager of your android device

  • Select the APK file to install Adobe Flash Player

  • Go to the settings of your mobile browser and to enable the flash player plug-ins

  • This was it!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Best websites for learn programming

 I myself have not learned coding from school or any other computer coaching institute, but I know more than 6 programming languages right now. I had no guidance. If you also have the same problem then this post is for you. Below I have given a list of websites, web-apps, books, forums and YouTube Channels that will help you to learn programming online.

BUT - before you start learning from the websites listed below, I have a few advices for you and trust me it will really help you in learning to code fast -What do you want to learn coding for? That is what task do you want to complete by learning to code, like web development, android development, web apps, maintaining servers, developing games etc. etc.

Now once you have decided the above go and register to – This website will keep you updated of all the latest seminars, workshops, competitions and webinars related to computers and programming. They even organize events like – The Hour of Code. And guess what it is FREE!!

Be regular and don’t leave learning a language in between.

Don’t think you will become a pro – game developer or sever maintainer overnight. Learning to code requires time, practice, hard-work and – logic (lots of it!!).

So, you are still reading this post and are not really scared of the last two points I have mentioned above. Here is the list which will be proven beneficiary to learn programming online.

Websites and Web-apps to Learn Programming Online

1- Codecademy

I have personally used this website a lot and still using it!! It is one of the best website if you want to learn Web development. This website is free – 100% and they don’t just teach you or give you notes…..they let you practice programming on their editors. This website have a very nice way of teaching to code, once you sign up and choose the language you want to learn you will see that they have a whole courses made for that language.

When you take up a course and start it, you will see a left-sidebar with explanation about how to code in that particular language and a small exercise that you will have to complete in the editor in the center and you can even see an output on the window located at upper-right of the screen. They will teach you to make games like rock, paper, and scissor to blackjack! The languages that they teach are -

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript ( not java, don’t get confused)

  • PHP

  • Python

  • Ruby

  • APIs

You can also ask a query to the communities made on codecademy for a particular programming problem.

2- W3schools

Do you want to be the master when it comes to web development? Then you should try this one. This is the site I trust the most. However, these people do not offer interactive courses like the Codecademy do, you can still learn programming online on their website using their editor.

The best part of it is that they have quizzes that you can take once you have learned a programming language to see how much you actually know. If you get a 18 right out of the 20 questions asked (without cheating!) you should give their certification exam (even IT Companies prefer people if they have a w3school certificate ). The languages that they teach are -

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • SQL

  • PHP

  • JQuery

  • XML

  • ASP.Net

  • AJAX

  • VBScript

  • ASP

They also have a list of references, examples and forums. This website is also free.

3- Grok Learning

Are you ready to spend a little money for learning to code? If “yes” then you should try this out. These people do like much Codecademy, but have more rich courses, competitions and seminar/webinars. You can try a course for free but not the whole. If you want to become good at python you should try this one.

4- Make Games

Want to become a game developer for iOS? Have you answered – “yes” they say – “Drive in!” . This website is for people who already have a bit of programming experience. This website as the name suggests will teach you to make iOS games. And the good part is that they let you publish it on the App Store for FREE!! They do not even take money for teaching to code!! They also teach –
Objective-C, Debugging, and XCode
If you want to be a pro game developer and have a little programming experience try this.

5- Udacity

This website is just like Codecademy BUT and this is a big one – You don’t need to read to learn, they have video tutorials from people who are – computer scientist, professors in top U.S. universities, programmers who have been on high positions in companies like Microsoft and Facebook, and even entrepreneurs who have made million from their ideas. They also have courses for both beginners and pro’s-

Learn Python – Build a search engine

Into. to Salesforce App Development
Intro to Data Science
AI for Robotics
Intro. to parallel programming
Functional hardware verification
Interactive 3D graphics
Programming Languages – Make a web browser
Make HTML5 game
Huf, their list is endless, you can find it in their course catalog.

Books to Follow to Learn Programming

1- Write your first program

Write your first program is an introductory books to computer programming by Amit Shah. This books focuses on teaching people to program in Python and C on a Windows or Linux OS. The author has assumed that the readers of this book have no prior programming experience. The books also has a companion website which -

  • Extended treatment of certain topics

  • Additional tips and tutorials

  • Questions and comments page

The first chapter covers topics like setting up Windows and writing your first program ( in both Python and C) and the last chapter deals with advanced topics like – Network programming, game programming and parallel programming.

2- The Missing Manual (series)

The Missing Manual series is one of the best books in the market to learn programming. Although these are little costly but they worth it. The series so far have completed the following languages.

  • HTML 5

  • Python & MySQL

  • PHP

  • Dreamweaver

  • CSS

The book however focuses more on application and software tutorials, but the programming books that they offer have not been written by no novice. The books come with tutorials CDs, you can even buy an E-book if you like.

3- C Programming: A Modern Approach

This introductory book on programming with C by K. N. King has a very nice and unique approach to the presentation of the material , as it is stuffed with examples and insights. The books just not teaches its readers to program but it also tells them how the C language actually works. It is a very nice book if you want to become a master in programming with C, but I believe that before reading this book you should be having a little experience with programming (you should at least know how loops and arrays work).

4- MySQL (4th edition)

The book by Paul DuBois is a very fat book with over 1200 pages! There is nothing to tell about this book ( as the series is already so popular that most people know about it) except that it revolves around -

  • General MySQL

  • MySQL programming interface for C, Perl and PHP

  • MySQL Administration.

5- Simply JavaScript: By Kevin Yank & Cameron Adams

This book is – The Best, when it comes to learn JavaScript. The book is packed with examples and teaches its readers how to solve real life and mathematics problems with JavaScript. The book will take you through an amazing journey in which you will learn to – build smarter forms, track user events (such as mouse clicks and key strokes), and design eye-catching animations. Then move on to more powerful techniques using the DOM and Ajax. This is the best easy-to-understand beginners book available.

Forums and YouTube Channels to Learn Programming Online

1- StackOverflow

This is a forum where you can get answers to your programming queries by some enthusiast and professional programmers. The form has been built well according to categories. It is 100% Free to use. The idea of the forum is the same as of Yahoo Answers, but is only for programming queries.

2- Dream in Code

This is also just like other – “Learn programming forums” on the net but it has a quality audience and you will get the answer to your question in 2-3 days. The blog has been categorized in various pages like.

  • Web development

  • Computers

  • Tutorials

And the following in programming

  • C and C++

  • VB.Net

  • Java

  • C#

  • ASP.Net

  • PHP

  • Ruby

  • Python, and many more languages.

3- The New Boston

This is a great channel with truly immense programming tutorial collection. It has tutorials for various programming languages, but it also has videos on building computers and tutorials for software like Dreamweaver and After Effects, as well as 3D-modeling software.

4- Academy PHP

As the name suggest this YouTube Channel is for people who want to learn PHP and a little MySQL (as both the languages are mostly used together). With over 200 videos this programming tutorial YouTube channel has become the most subscribed coding tutorial channel in the United Kingdom.

top 5 websites where you find jobs

top 5 websites where you find jobs

Finding a job is a big headache, isn’t it? But thanks to the today’s generations and its modernization that finding jobs has become so much easier now a days. Just imagine you can find a job while just sitting at home, you don’t have to go here and there in the hot summer or cold winter in the search of a job, and this is possible through few outstanding and amazing sites which have got lots of job offers for you.

You don’t need to be worried about the complications that you may get to any site, as it is very easy and simple without any complications. We have brought a list of tp 10 best websites too find jobs online. These all websites are completely trust-worthy and efficient for finding jobs.

1- LinkedIn

Of the greatest online community for the professionals, either to take over the job or to give away any jobs. LinkedIn has spread all over to world among millions of users. Just like its names it links the company or the firms with their selected representative.

2- Monster

Monster is another top site which was launched in 1994, and has taken the online job market field with a storm. And I can say that if you want a quality and highly professional job with good payment then I recommend you to try out for Monster.

3- Naukri

Naukri is considered as the India’s no.1 job site, and it is true as it provides lots of Indian companies which are ready to provide good payout jobs. And I personally prefer this site as I took away my first job through this amazing site.

4- Simplyhired

Here comes the keep it simple silly type professional and the best site to find out online jobs, it has made the job search very simple and easy. The Simplyhired is really effective site to find jobs online.

5- Beyond

If you want to seek or provide job according to the locations, salary, company name etc. then this site is best for you. It is popularly known as career network as millions of job seekers and providers keep on visiting this site.

Top 10 Websites To Learn English Online for Free

earning English is one of the best decisions one can make in order to improve their communication skills. There are almost 300 million people in the world who speak English as a second language. Learning English will also increase you confidence and you will also be able to impress your foreign clients or colleagues.

So, you have decided that you want to learn English, but don’t know from where? or you don’t want to go to some silly coaching who guarantee to teach you English in 4 weeks? if you answered “YES!” to any of the questions above, then this post is for you. We have listed top 10 best websites to learn English Online for free.

Top 10 Websites To Learn English Online for Free

So, here are the sites which you could use to learn English online for free. These are really trusted and most effective website which could be proven helpful to polish the skills of your English language. You may refer any of the below site to polish your English.

1- BBC – English learning

Before Internet became popular people used to learn English from Radios. As we all know BBC is the most renowned radio channel and is translated into 30 different languages. Learn English by BBC emphasis on topics like- Grammar, pronunciation, business English, and they teach these well using there quizzes, downloads, and the vast community that they have made over the years. This website is the one that you should definitely try if you already know little bit of English.

2- How do you do? 


This is a simple, free, yet amazing website. You can practice English by talking to Non-native speakers around the world using Skype. This website acts a bridge between people who want to learn and practice English. Also you don’t have to waste your time on this site like you do on most language exchange website.

3- Second language on

This website has the best amount of English learning materials, tips, quizzes, grammar and vocab exercises. This website covers topics like: Beginning English, Intermediate English, Advanced English, Speaking, grammar and lesson plans for TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, etc.

4- English Central

This website has both free and paid account options. The website’s core is their video player, where students watch videos, learn vocab in-context of the video, and then speak using video as a model. The best part is that, they have a easy-to-use built-in tool called “intellicoach” that gives students feedback on their pronunciation.

5- Voice of America

There is a lot of information on this website. The best part is that they teach you fluent American English. You can learn by watching latest news related to World, USA, Business, Health, Education. etc. This will not only improve your English, but also increase your General Knowledge. This is a very very useful website.


This is a website for kids, but that does not mean adults can’t use it. This is an online game website that has games organized according to grade level. There are word and typing games to improve your English skills. This website was made for children learning but beginners can use it. The only set backs are that this website is not just for English so you will not get a huge quality of matter, and the main page of the website is a bit too much ad heavy.

7- Easy World of English (EWE)

Easy English World or EWE is one of the best websites to learn English online. They are known for teaching the best English grammar on the web. With very easy and quality courses on grammar they also offer pronunciation guide. You can learn to pronounce from very difficult words to all English alphabets. If you want to brush up your reading skills or vocabulary then they have a Readings page and also a Picture Dictionary to let you learn fast. PDF notes are also offered with some courses.


This website is not the most fancy one, but they have quality content and no ads. Mainly known for their quizzes, puzzles, and crossword, this website offers you with more than hundred vocab lists and more than 20 games to play with each one of them. Students can even browse links to YouTube videos, work with English proverbs and match definitions to words. Their content is high quality and you will learn English very consistently if you are persistent. You will even improve your American History. They now even offer these courses for iPad.

9- PhraseMix

These people are one of the few who have a very nice and user friendly website. Their blog teaches English to students by giving a “phrase a day”. The phrases are explained with the help of examples to improve your vocabulary. Students can look at the website daily or get the phrase delivered directly in their inbox. The phrases are both formal and casual. The website also has sections which offer explanations of basic conversation techniques.


This is a resource website. They provide you with the best tips, websites and material to get fluent in English. So you can choose the information you need and also improve a lot by reading and practicing English once a week. You can either practice with a qualified English Teacher or by subscribing to their for their news letter, which will deliver the best content related to learning English  directly in your inbox. The only set back is that, if you want to learn English from a qualified teacher you have to spend 3 bucks, but the subscription is free.


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