Sunday, 5 March 2017

How to Add Meta Keywords Blogger/Blogspot

Hello Reader Are searching about How to Add Meta Keywords Blogger/Blogspot  Then this tutorial for youLike that if we are never not told about the post you written, to Search engines like Google, Bingo or Yahoo using meta keywords, meta description and title tag. Then the search engines won't show content you are written in search results.

Add Meta Keywords Blogger/Blogspot

Then follow these steps 
  • First of Go to Blogsger Dashboard
  • After that Go to Template>click ‘Edit Template’.
  • Click anywhere inside the code area, then press the CTRL + F keys and search for this code
  • Search for the code below in your template.
  •  <head>
  • Find  and paste the following code just before it.
<meta content='Your keyword ' name='keywords'/>
  • Click ‘Save template’.
    Hope this post helped in your quest of doing SEO for your blogger blog. Have question or suggestion; please do comment and don’t forget to share this information

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