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How to Integrate Blogger and Google Plus Both Comments system With Toggle

hello, guys today we share a unique article regard to How to Integrate Blogger and Google Plus Both Comments system With Toggle.The Google+ Comment System on Blogger was convenient to writers but discouraged many users from continuing to comment on blogs because they simply didn't want to use Google+.

How to Integrate Blogger and Google Plus Both Comments system With Toggle

let's start adding it
  •  Log into your Blogger account and select your blog 
  • Now  Go to 'Template' and press the 'Edit HTML' button on the right side. 
  • Click anywhere inside the code area and press CTRL + F keys to open the editor's search box and search for the following code
  • Search for the code below in your template. <head>
  • Find and paste the following code just before it.
  • <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
  • Find and paste the following code just before it.
  • <b:include data='post' name='post'/>
  • Just after   <b:include data='post' name='post'/> add the following code
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'> <style>#comments, #gplus­comments­visibility {display:none;} .comments­icons {background: url(­­ CsmnKc1FSA/VI8FyLYdw7I/AAAAAAAAAwE/erSHV85Pg_Q/s1600/speech­bubble.png) no­repeat; font­size: 20px; font­family: &quot;Arial Narrow&quot;,Arial,sans­serif; color: #555; font­weight: bold; padding: 18px 15px 0; height: 70px; } .comments­icons a img {vertical­align: middle;}</style> <div class='comments­icons'> Show Comments: <a class='show­hide­comments' href='javascript:void();' onclick='$(&quot;#gplus­commentsvisibility&quot;).slideToggle();$(&quot;#comments&quot;).hide();'><img class='gplus­icon' height='35' src='­ i1zpfechOuY/VI763hqxlHI/AAAAAAAAAvs/dz4sWUQW­xU/s1600/google­plus­logo.png' width='35'/></a> OR <a class='show­hidecomments' href='javascript:void();' onclick='$(&quot;#comments&quot;).slideToggle();$(&quot;#gplus­commentsvisibility&quot;).hide();'><img class='blogger­icon' height='35' src='­4NYlJvoxdA/VI763udxlHI/AAAAAAAAAvw/0dY2Ys0zz2k/s1600/blogger­logo.png' width='35'/></a> </div> <div id='gplus­comments­visibility'> <div class='g­comments' data­first_party_property='BLOGGER' data­view_type='FILTERED_POSTMOD' data­width='550' expr:data­href='data:post.url'/> </div> </b:if>
Note: The data­width is for setting the width of the comment box, so the number (550) indicated there can be changed according to the design of your blog.

  • Press the "Save Template" button located at the top of the editor and view your blog to see if you have successfully added Google+ commenting system to Blogger.  
  • That's it!
From here on out, any reader that views your post has the option of making a comment using their Google+ account or the native Blogger comments. Your readers will enjoy the flexibility that your site provides and you will also benefit from the inclusive services offered by Google. 

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