Thursday, 3 March 2016

how to add smooth mouse wheel scroll effect in blogger

how to add smooth mouse wheel scroll effect in blogger

In this article, we will show you how to add smooth mouse wheel scroll effect in blogger.Smooth mouse wheel scrolling effect makes your site easier to navigate. It adds vertical scrolling on your site allowing you to smoothly scroll up/down the webpage using mouse wheel

  • First Of Go to Blogger
  • After That Click On Template >> Edit HTML  
  • Now Click anywhere inside code area  then press Ctrl+F keys then Hit Enter
  • Now Find this code <head>
  • Then paste the below code just after <head>



  • now in the template search for the </head> tag.
  • After finding the </head> tag, just above it paste the following code.

<script type='text/javascript'>
*Smooth Scroll Mouse Wheel By ATP
(function() {
this.GambitSmoothScroll = function( settings ){
if ( typeof settings === 'undefined' ) {settings = {};
var defaults = {
'amount': 150,
'speed': 900
for ( var key in defaults ) {if ( ! settings.hasOwnProperty( key ) ) {
settings[ key ] = defaults[ key ];
// Disable in mobile because we don't need smooth scrolling
if ( navigator.userAgent.match(/Mobi/)) {
this.settings = settings;
this.startedAsTrackpad = false;
* Start our plugin
GambitSmoothScroll.prototype.start = function() {
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
window.addEventListener( 'wheel',
this.overrideScroll.bind(this) );
* Stops the current scroll
GambitSmoothScroll.prototype.stop = function( isDown, timestamp
) {
if ( typeof this.scrollInterval !== 'undefined' ) {
this.startedAsTrackpad = false;
clearInterval( this.scrollInterval );
this.scrollInterval = undefined;
* Performs the smooth page scroll
GambitSmoothScroll.prototype.newScroll = function( isDown,
timestamp ) {
// If the scroll went the opposite way, reset the scroll as if
from full stop
if ( isDown !== this.isDown && typeof this.isDown !==
'undefined' ) {
this.isDown = isDown;
// If called to scroll from a full stop, create our scroller
if ( typeof this.scrollInterval === 'undefined' ) {
this.startingSpeed = this.settings.amount;
this.scrollInterval = setInterval( function() {
// Perform the scroll
var scrollBy = ( this.isDown ? 1 : ‐1 ) * this.startingSpeed
/ 15;
window.scrollBy( 0, scrollBy );
// Stop the scroller when the scroll becomes too small
this.startingSpeed *= 1 ‐ ( 900 / this.settings.speed ) / 10;
// 0.9;
if ( Math.abs( scrollBy ) < 1 ) {
}.bind(this), 16.666666667 ); // 60fps
// If called while the page is still scrolling, add more
momentum to the current scroll
} else {
// Base the momentum multiplier on the delta time to avoid
super fast scrolls
var multiplier = 1 + ( timestamp ‐ this.prevTimestamp ) / 40 *
// Limit the amount
this.startingSpeed = Math.max( this.startingSpeed *
multiplier, this.settings.amount );
this.startingSpeed = Math.min( this.startingSpeed, 300 );
this.prevTimestamp = timestamp;};

* Stops the default scroll behavior and does our own thing
GambitSmoothScroll.prototype.overrideScroll = function(e) {
// Normalize wheel delta scroll
var delta = e.wheelDelta ? ‐e.wheelDelta / 120 : (e.detail ||
e.deltaY) / 3;
* Basically, when we check the delta variable, trackpads give
out a value of < 1 && < ‐1
* mouse wheel scrolls give out a value >= 1 || <= ‐1
* We can use this to turn OFF smooth scrolling for trackpads.
* IMPORTANT: Firefox in Mac somehow handles things
* the skipCheck variable handles things for FF in Macs
// Special for Firefox‐Mac
var skipCheck = false;
if ( typeof window.mozInnerScreenX !== 'undefined' ) {
if ( navigator.platform.indexOf( 'Mac' ) !== ‐1 ) {
this.startedAsTrackpad = false;
skipCheck = true;
if ( e.deltaY === parseInt( e.deltaY, 10 ) ) {
this.startedAsTrackpad = true;
if ( typeof this.trackpadTimeout !== 'undefined' ) {
clearTimeout( this.trackpadTimeout );
this.trackpadTimeout = undefined;
// If delta is less than 1, assume that we are using a
trackpad and do the normal behavior
if ( ( Math.abs( delta ) < 1 || this.startedAsTrackpad ) && !
skipCheck ) {
this.trackpadTimeout = setTimeout( function() {
this.startedAsTrackpad = false;
this.trackpadTimeout = undefined;
}.bind(this), 200 );
this.startedAsTrackpad = true;
return true;
// If the code reaches here, then scrolling will be smoothened
// Disable normal scrolling
e = e || window.event;
if ( e.preventDefault ) {
e.returnValue = false;
// Perform our own scrolling
this.newScroll( delta > 0, e.timeStamp );

  • Now again Find in the template, search for </body> and just above it paste the following code.

<script type="text/javascript">
new GambitSmoothScroll({
amount: 150, // The scroll amount
speed: 900 // The scroll speed

  • Save Template

We hope this tutorial has turn out to be useful for those who were looking to add a smooth parallax mouse wheel scroll using jQuery on to their websites. If you have a better way of doing this job then feel free to leave a comment below

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently

Have you ever tried your blogger blog to delete it permanently? Are you able to
delete your specific blogger blog? Should you have been tried many times and
didn't get success on how to properly delete the blogspot blog from your blogger
dashboard then this is a complete guide that will show the trick how we can
remove the blog from blogspot dashboard completely. Sometime you need to
remove all unwanted blogs from your blogger dashboard. This article will help you
if you don't know about deleting blog from your blogger dashboard completely. So
lets start the tutorial.
How to Delete Blogger Blog?
  • Login To the Blogger Account
  • Click on your desire blog which you want to delete
  • Go to Setting tab  And just below it the other option .click on it
  • ON right side is the blog tools section to procced with the deletion then click on the Delete blog link
If you think youmay want to come back to your blog or you’ve got posts that you wan to keep,you can use the Export blog tool to export your blog before you delete can either ownload your blog posts to your destop or export it in a format that can be imported into other popular bloging formats
  • Confirm that you wan to delete it and you’re done.
Congrat’s now Your  delete blog

Thursday, 25 February 2016

How to Change Template on Blogger Blog

Today We are  share A Nice  Topic on How to Change Template on Blogger Blog.If You want change you’r blogger template then follow  All theses simple steps First You have to download your favourite third party template from above listed sites and use its .xml file to change your template.
Change Template on Blogger Blog
  • Log in to your Blogger account.
  • Now click on the drop down menu and choose Template.
  • Press Backup/Restore button located at the top right corner.
  • First you should download your existing template as a backup. So, click on “Download full template” button.
  • Now click on Choose File button and choose your new template which you want to apply to your blog.
  • Once you select your template, simply click on Upload button for final step.
  • You are done!

Friday, 1 January 2016

How To Improve Wifi internet browsing speed With In Two Steps

Is your internet browsing speed is getting slower day by day?Then might be someone who is connected with your WiFi without your knowledge.It might be a STEAL which is causing that slowing down your internet browsing speed. So in order to overcome and ensure this issue I am writing this tutorial for you guys. Today you are going to learn to check who’s connected with your WiFi and ones you know about them then simply block them.This guide is specially written for Android users; you need to download an app and then you can easily who is connected with your network if such connections are suspicious then simply block them.

Improve internet browsing speed With In Two Steps

Here are the steps to follow in order to first check that who is using your WiFi without your knowledge and then block them to revive your browsing speed. Now without testing your patience more let me take you to the steps;

Checking who’s connected

  • First we are checking that who is connected with our internet network;
  • First of all, Download Fing app on your android smartphone.
  • Ones the app is downloaded, launch it and there you will see the name of your network along withSettings and Refresh button.
  • Tap on Refresh to see all the connected networks. Ones you have refreshed then you will see all the connected device along with the indicator that whether connected network is PC or smartphone.

Blocking the Suspicious Networks

If you have found any suspicious connection then you should block it right away and for that follow these steps;

  • First get the MAC address of suspicious connection; it will be a number that will be found from the above steps, where you have checked the suspicious connection. (MAC address will consist of numbers and letters).
  • Now open web browser on your computer on which your internet router is connected and enter your router IP.
  • Now enter your router ID and password.
  • Click on Mac Filtering from Security and then click on Add Device.
  • After that, enter the MAC address of the device which you want to block under the MAC field; give any name or other details, if asked and then Click on Apply, Save or OK whatever the option may be. Repeat the same process for different suspicious accounts.
  • You have successfully banned the suspicious networks.

This was out tutorial to check who’s connected with your WiFi and block them. If you have any queries or confusion left related to this article then lend them in comment box. I shall get back to your questions as soon as possible.
Was it helpful? If it was then don’t forget to share this article with your other friends and circle too. You may never know that your share may be proven helpful for many of the users out there. So keep sharing and keep liking our content over social media.


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