Ever stumbled upon a cool boot animation on a friend’s Android device or a presentation on the Web? It isn’t hard to make your own. In fact, we are going to show you in this post, two ways to create a custom boot animation for your own device.There is the hard way – through, but which could work on all devices; and the easy way – where you can just change your boot animation through an app. Both required a rooted device

How To Change Boot Animation On Android Device

There are several Methods for changing boot animations in android devices, we are sharing some super cool and easy methods, which you can use for change boot animation in your android phone easily in just a few clicks. The first method is ES File Explorer method, and another method is Changing boot animation with the help of Boot Animation changer app. We have shared both of the methods, have a look at the both of the ways now from below.

Quick Look At This Guide

#1 Change Boot Animation With ES File Explorer App

This method is based on How to change boot animation in Android with the help of Simple ES File Explorer app. you have to replace boot animation files from your Android system files, follow step by step guide now from below.
  • You need to download a root explorer on your android phone, we recommend you to download ES File Explorer.
  • Now install the download ES File Explorer in your Phone, from above link, and Open It. Then Click on Top Left Corner, and Select Option of Root Explorer. Then Simply Allow Root Permissions.
  • Now go to system > media folder and rename the bootanimation.zip to whatever you want.

  • Now download any boot animation which you want to set your new boot animation. You can find and download boot animations from android boot animation Xda or simply search on Google for boot animation zip file for android to find a cool boot animation for your device.
  • Now move the downloaded boot animation to android boot animation location system>media where you renamed the default boot animation.
  • Now reboot your device, and you will see new animation will load in your device.
You’re done! now you will see the new boot animation, if it’s not changed, then try method 2 from below. So Checkout this Alternate Method for changing boot animation in android without android boot animation zip file, directly with the help of Software.

#2 Alternate Method for Change Boot Animation in Android

  • In this method you have to install Boot Animations Root App, You can download the app from Google play store or simply download from below link (boot animation app)
  • Now open the app, you will find 3 option there: Local, server & randomize.
  • Now click on server & select the boot animation which you want to download, it will automatically download & install the selected boot animation.
Now your boot animation is changed , you can reboot your device to check the effect.
This is how you can change the boot animations of your android smartphone, we showed you very easy and simple steps to change the boot animation of your android phone without any kind of risk, still, if you face any kind of issues during the process then comment below I will try to help you. Hope it helps, Stay tuned here for more cool stuff like this. Thanks for visiting.

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