Netflix provides streaming of various animes, TV series, Movies and that to legally. You can use their site anytime, anywhere and on any device where internet connectivity is available. Recently, they started their service in many countries like India. I know most of guys avoid any additional expense especially on entrainment sources like Netflix or any movie streaming service and starts looking for free alternative which provides movies and tv shows streaming service for free.

About Netflix:

Netflix is one of the biggest community of movie streaming users on which you can watch movies, TV shows online. Netflix is available for all popular platforms like Android, Windows and it is even available for gaming consoles like PS4. Earlier, they started their business by providing movies and TV shows DVD and later on they started online movie streaming service in US and currently, they are providing services in more then 15 countries currently. According to their official site, there are more than 15,000 movies on Netflix currently.

    How we are providing free Netflix account?

    I guess you all must be aware about the face that Netflix provides 30-days free trial to its users. But main problem of this trial is that you have to add your credit card to get this offer. So, we are giving free Netflix account by adding our credit card details to its users.

    Free Netflix Accounts 2017:

    Below, we are providing six accounts of Netflix which are updated regularly by our team. All of these accounts are completely free to use. There is no special method of using these Netflix accounts. Just, Login into Netflix account from Sign in button with the Username and Password which we are giving below.
    UserName                                                      Password                                123456                                     cdefgahc                         diecast8                                  qwerty7                         051201                                    wglmet                           substation232

    • Wrapping it up

    It was all about free Netflix accounts. You can enjoy these Netflix premium accounts for free without any credit card. We request our readers not to change password of above accounts.
    So which TV show or movie you want to watch on Netflix? We would like to listen about it in comments below.

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