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How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Account on One Android Phone 100% Working With 3 Method

Hey guys, Today we are going To post this article regarding Dual Whatsapp account.As we all know in Today’s generation Everybody Loves To Run Multiple accounts of different applications & for this we are going to post this article from which you can run 2 WhatsApp account in one android device.we all know these days Whatsapp tricks are much more popular rather than we think.Maybe you are one of them who are the fan of These WhatsApp tricks and maybe you have tried different methods to Run 2 WhatsApp account on the same device.In case, If You’re not able to Run 2nd Whatsapp Account.So, We are here with 3 Different Methods From Which You can Run 2 Whatsapp Account Easily in Your device Without Root.
nowadays everyone loves to use WhatsApp as its Normal message application.Means to say in The world almost 98% of People using Whatsapp as their Default Messaging application and why not? it’s Best application if you are daily Using messaging applications and recently the new External feature of WhatsApp is Rolled out.

Dual Whatsapp In One Phone

This Guide is based on 3 Different Methods.Which is Based on 3 Different Applications In Which 2 Of Methods are working Without Rooting Your Android Device & and we have shared 1 Method For rooted Android mobile users.So, They can also Run Dual WhatsApp account In their Android device.

How To Run 2 Whatsapp Account?

There are 3 Different Kinds Of methods as I had already told earlier.for this, you have to follow each and every step carefully to Run 2 Whatsapp account in one android phone.Meanwhile, you can use Dual Whatsapp in The same android phone.
Method 1 – GB Whatsapp (No Root)

In This method, we will show You how can you use dual WhatsApp using GB Whatsapp Apk.Meanwhile, You can also be called it Dual Whatsapp app.It Can be possible just by installing one application named GB Whatsapp.So, What You are waiting For Install And Run 2 Whatsapp account in one android phone Without root.For More I also Share A Post On This Topic
Method 2 – 2 Line (Root Needed)
In this Method, You can Able to Run 2 Whatsapp account in one android phone easily.meanwhile, This Application Don’t allow You to manage only 2 Whatsapp accounts You can manage as much you want to.Just you have to Install normal WhatsApp and then change the account from 2 Line app and use Multiple accounts of WhatsAppp.

Run Dual Whatsapp Account Using 2 Line App – 

  • At First, You have to download 2 Line for Whatsapp And that you can Easily Download it From our Direct Download Link
  • After Download Above Application from given download link.
  • install it and open it in Your rooted android device.
  • Make sure you has already rooted your android phone because it requires root access permissions to Run.
  • Give It Permission of Root access and Open it.
  • Thereafter, Click on add new line Then Register your new WhatsApp account.
  • And From this, you can add many accounts there and switch your account whenever You want to do.
  • That’s You had successfully Run Dual WhatsApp account Using 2 Line.

Features Of 2 Line – 

  • Form 2 Line You may able To Access Multiple Whatsapp account as much You want to add.
  • Yeah, It's True, That It wants Root access to Run But is Giving Better Features Too.
  • You can Switch From one account to another account Just by One click.
  • And Alot Of More Features.
Method 3 – Parallel Space (Without Root)(New)
You can Easily Run Dual Whatsapp By Our this new and Easy method.You can Run 2 Whatsapp Account Just by Downloading a Single application named parallel Space.And Not only WhatsApp you can run Dual accounts of any android application Like facebook Etc.

How To Run 2 Whatsapp Account Using Parallel Space – 

  • At First, Download Parallel Space app Click Here 
  • Then Install This app
  • You can Also install it From Playstore 
  • then Open it and Then From there choose Whatsapp.
  • And then You have to Clone the Whatsapp app From there.
  • That’s it now Signup With new Whatsapp account and you are ready To use 2 accounts in one android device.

Features Of Parallel Space – 

  • You can even Run Without Root.
  • Clone Other applications also.
  • Can Run on any Android Device.
  • And Much more Awesome features.
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Final Words
So,This is our Article Regarding “how to run 2 Whatsapp Account” In This Guide We’ve Already Showed You How Can You Run 2 Whatsapp Account in Your Single Android Phone From This You Can Hide your privacy or It Will Help You in a lot of things You Are Doing in Your daily life.
It Doesn’t matter Wheather Your device is rooted or not.You can Even Install in unrooted Device Too.I am Guarantee That You Will 100% Success For Installing and Running 2 Whatsapp Accounts.At last, Thanks For Reading our Article keep visiting for more.

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