Saturday, 25 March 2017

How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping on Android

Today, we gonna show you how can you set Whatsapp profile picture / Dp without Crop it in your Android Phone. Most of the people wanna set a Whatsapp profile dp, but It crops the pic & some important part of the picture miss out. So This is very Massive things. Now, what you can do? Should you set Pictures After crop them, & miss out Some important part of the picture? No, In this Article, am gonna show you full guide about how to make Whatsapp profile picture without cropping.

In this Guide, we are sharing SquareDroid app, in which you can crop pictures for the set as profile pictures, Like Whatsapp or any other Social Networking site which allows only square pictures to be set as a profile pic. This Guide will also work with other apps. So real full Guide from Below, I hope you like this Article.WhatsApp profile picture crop without cutting image. Follow Full Step by step procedure from below, for know more about this method.

How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping on Android

So Guys, Just Follow Some of the easy steps now from below, for set Profile Picture in your Whatsapp without cropping it. With the help of this simple Squaredroid app, you will be able to enjoy setting any picture as your WhatsApp profile picture, don’t ever worry about your profile picture crop system in WhatsApp because this simple app will resize images for fit in square size without cutting the part of images. There are some easy steps with screenshots, have a look at it now from below.
  • Now Install this app 
  • After Successfully install, Now open the app, & you will see a Full menu in it. about “Pick a Photo”Take a Photo” “Settings” etc.
  • Then Choose “Pick a Photo” option from here & It will show full menu, now select picture which you wanna set as profile picture without decreasing its size.
  • It will Automatically Resize That Picture & it will Crop instantly, Without Losing anything in the pic, & Pic will remain full & will not look ugly after resizing it.
You can also set image quality while Save the Picture.
  • So After Crop, Now Save the Picture, By Clicking on Top Right Corner from the app, as like screenshot below.
  • in the Gallery & Open Whatsapp, & Set newly Created profile Picture Without losing size.

Final Word

Setting Profile Picture in your Whatsapp irritates because it crops picture & part of picture miss from Profile pic. So for overcoming this problem, we have found a solution for it. & Follow above guide for Set full-size WhatsApp profile picture. I hope you liked this article, keep visit here for more Stuff like this. Thanks for Visiting.

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