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The Best DropBox,Google Drive,Box, Alternative Free Cloud Storage - pCloud Review

PCloud is a free cloud storage service that provides 10 GB of space. You can increase up to 20 GB storage Free of Cost By referring Your Friends.pCloud is a state of the art Swiss-based cloud storage platform with top notch security and excellent features. It differentiates itself from its competitors in many ways and ensures that it becomes your all in one solution for online file storage through its ultra-secure data centers.

pCloud Features:-

Anyone who signs up with pCloud instantly gets 10 GB of free storage.There are numerous things you and do to earn more free space, like if you invite friends to make their own account and if you like the pCloud Facebook page.A total possible space of 20 GB can be used for free with pCloud after all bonus options.


  • Up to 20 GB of free storage 
  • No speed limit caps 
  • No file size limits 
  • Easily filter all your files by type like images, audio, video, documents, etc. 
  • Upload whole folders through the website 
  • Can search through all your files from the website and mobile app 
  • Share files with non-pCloud users 
  • Streams media files 
  • Add files from a remote URL 
  • Supports offline files 
  • Option for anyone to upload files to your account via a shared URL 
  • Send files to your account with a unique email address 
  • Connect to your account over WebDAV 
  • Backup photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa to pCloud 
  • Manage shares from the website, desktop software, and mobile app 
  • Favorite folders for quick access 
  • Option to enable automatic photo/video uploads from the mobile app 
  • Can not password protect shared files/folders

Web & Mobile App:-

pCloud’s web app has almost all the functionalities of its desktop app. It automatically divides your uploaded files into separate folders like documents, images, music and videos. There is also an option to take backup from your Facebook, Instagram, Picassa and even Dropbox.The last part is especially interesting since users can move all their Dropbox data directly through the cloud to cloud transfer without having to upload and download the contents.

Mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS. Both the apps have several features including automatic uploads of media files, backing up all the mobile data and setting a unique password for accessing the apps.

Why Should Use pCloud?

Initially, the cloud storage and syncing service used to offer only 10 GB of storage space for free. This has now been increased to 20 GB. The free storage space makes pCloud an excellent alternative for personal users. While Google Drive and Dropbox offer 15 GB and 5 GB free storage space respectively, pCloud’s 20 GB with high encryption is of course way more useful. And the fact that it has both syncing and sharing capabilities makes it even more powerful. It can also backup data from Facebook and Instagram. On top of that, there is also private encryption and the key always stays with the user. Though it’s a premium service and users need to pay extra for it, if your data is important and critical, it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile.

Services Offered By PCloud:


  • Encodes your important files and makes them undetectable to others
  • Client-side safety of files in case of theft or failure
  • Zero-knowledge privacy takes away files access even from the service provider itself
  • Various keys and security layers protect the data from getting lost or stolen
  • Easy-to-use A-grade security
  • Crypto tab or folder available on computers, mobiles, and web browsers assist you in multi-layered protection of database


  • Safe cloud storage for any firm
  • Comprehensive online storing and team alliance means
  • 1 TB space and Crypto include for each consumer in Business account
  • Cutting-edge elements are attuned conferring to your business prerequisites
  • Accumulate, harmonize, and conspire on your business files at one location
  • User-friendly tools designed to manage and elevate workflow
  • Safe distribution of data among clients and associates
  • Innovative IT expertise appropriate for companies of any dimensions
  • Log-in to your work files from any device


  • Send large files up to 5GB
  • No Need To registration
  • 100% Secured 
  • File Wille Be send In Encrypted Format No Can Hack It

Pricing Plans and Storage Options of pCloud:-

  • Three types of subscription packages to suit everyone’s need
  • Safeguard costs with 10-day money back assurance
  • Pay through Master card, Visa card, PayPal, and American Express Transfer
  • PCloud Transfer allows you to send huge file up to 5 GB
  • There is no registration required for it
  • It is absolutely free of cost
  • You just need to mention the recipient’s email, your email an optional message if any

Final Word

If we look at the overall aspect, then PCloud storage is best among the new entrants in the cloud services. Though it is not suited for businesses with self-hosted servers, yet it is best suited for retail, tech, insurance, education or legal businesses. The execution and incorporation of all features are as per the claimed safe keeping. The customer support services are available through 24/7 email support or customer care numbers available on the Contact Us page.So if you have any other question about this article then you can also ask in the comment section, I will reply you shortly.

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