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Top 5 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android No Root

We even have lots of apps which can provide you screen recording. You can just type screen recording and find N number of app that provides you this option. You can find lots of free apps and even paid apps which even helps in recording external audio but android lollipop is providing you a recording of internal system audio.

Top 5 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

#1AZ Screen Recorder

AX Screen Recorder is one of the better all around screen recording apps on Android. It’s one of those “it just works” kind of apps. You open it up, start the recording, and then it will save when you’re finished. It also doesn’t include watermarks, advertising, or time limits. You can also pause the recording if needed. The app has all kinds of tweaks and additions that you can make to get your videos looking crisp and complete. It’s free to use if you want to check it out.

#2Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen is a free Game screen recorder for Android.This is one of the rare apps that lets you record your games without having root access to your phone when on Android Kit Kat.The gameplay isn't ideal and there will likely be jumps, skips, and frame rate drops.Click HERE to download the application directly from Google Play Store.
Telecine has won a high rate on Goole Play for recording videos on the Android phone. It has the simple interface and powerful functions. Tap Launch Overlay after opening this app on your Android device, you will get a small overlay at the top right corner of the screen. When you are ready to record your screen, you can tap the Record button on the right top corner. After counting down with 3 seconds, the Telecine will begin to record your Android screen automatically. The recorded video from Android phone is wonderful, and you may not find any flaw about the video quality. What's more, this Android screen recorder has no root requirement to record your Android screen with ease.
The only disadvantage is that this software can only record the screen on Android phone, it is unable to save the audio from the system at the same time.

#4SCR Screen Recorder

SCR is another screen recorder app that allows you to do free screen recording for up to 3 minutes, with a watermark added to your video. The app doesn’t have the main interface. Instead, it comprises of an overlay of a small rectangular box that will include 3 buttons: one for recording, another for accessing settings, and a button to exit the app. Once you start recording, you will notice an overlay at the right side of your screen indicating that the app is currently recording.


Although Shou is still in its beta phase, this app promises a lot of features that most recording apps currently don’t offer. You can use Shou to do a screen recording with stereo sound, mirror your device screen to any Miracast or AirPlay enabled devices, and even take a screenshot simply by shaking your Android device. You need to join their Google+ community before you can download the app from the Play Store.

Final Word

Few of these apps can be used for secret video recording while others are used for recording the screen. There are free of cost apps available. The android apps for video recording can be used for fun or as a utility. Before using the app go through the description and choose the app.

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