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Whatsapp Bomber - Crash Your Friend’s Whatsapp Account by Sending a Simple Message

Hey, we are back with an Awesome Trick by which you can prank your friend WhatsApp account by sending Spam Message to their Whatsapp account using Whatsapp Message Bomber App. This will hang and crash your Friend WhatsApp account for some time. Whatsapp is one of the best Messenger people use by billions of people to chat with their Friends and relatives. People often try to find out ways to prank their Friends on WhatsApp. So using this Whatsapp message bomber you can prank your Friends by hanging their WhatsApp account for some time. Don't use this Whatsapp bomber for wrong activity. So use this WhatsApp message bomber just for fun purpose only. Follow up instructions given below to Crash your Friend WhatsApp using Whatsapp Bomber App?

Whatsapp Bomber

Some people like pranks very much. so you spy WhatsApp messages/ WhatsApp spying & hang Whatsapp of your Friends. After you follow this guide, your friend will say you that WhatsApp is crashing on his device. follow it for prank purpose only. We have shared one new method here in this list, with the help of Whatsapp web method, which you can easily use and spam your friend’s inbox of WhatsApp. So Simply check out this method now from below and enjoy this.

How to Crash Friend’s Whatsapp Account by Sending a Simple Message

  • Open the App Now you will see homepage of Whatsapp bomber App like below

  • Here you will see Bombing Level 1 to Level 5. Level 1 means low-level bombing and level 5 means bombing at the highest level. As per your wish choose any level from 1 to 5. My suggestion is o select level 2 or 3 if you don't use this before.
  • After Selecting Level, Click on Copy bomb to Clipboard. It will copy whole text which will bomb your Friend Whatsapp account when you send it to your WhatsApp friend
  • Now open Whatsapp and select a friend whom Whatsapp account you want to hang and crash and send this copied text as a message to him/her.
  • Boom! Once your Friends open his/her WhatsApp and try to read that message. It WhatsApp account will get hang and crash for some time 😀

How to Bomb Your Friend’s Whatsapp By Sending Unlimited Messages at Once (Via Whatsapp Web)

Note – You Must Already Installed Microsoft .net framework 4.0 for use this method.
  • First Download Whatsapp Bomber
  • After Successfully Download it, Now Click on it and Open it.
  • Now you will see the option of entering text in this software. Enter text message of your choices which you want to send to your friend unlimited time.

  • After entering text of your choice, Select Sending Speed of your choices like 100 m/s or 8000 m/s
  • Now Open Web.whatsapp.com from your PC, and log in with your Whatsapp account by Scanning your QR Code. and Select The chat of your choice which you want to spam.
  • Then Simply Click on Start button from that Software.
  • Click on Type a message field in Web Whatsapp.
  • It will start sending Messages Automatically in Rocket speed and you can now spam your friend’s Whatsapp with this simple trick.


1) If you have Low ram phone say less than 1 GB. Then Don't choose bombing level 4 or 5 to send because it will hang and crash your Whatsapp too 😛
2) After Sending this Bombing text message to clear your chat history with that friend to whom you send this bombing message else there is a chance that your WhatsApp also get hang


1) Is this possible to read someone WhatsApp Account message using any site?
Ans. No, you can't do it
2) Is this possible to hack someone WhatsApp account
Ans. No, You can't hack someone WhatsApp account


If by chance your Whatsapp gets hang while bombing your Friends WhatsApp or if someone bomb your WhatsApp by sending these message and your WhatsApp account get to hang. You can follow up the methods to recover your Whatsapp.
  1. Go to Setting of your phone and select apps and click on Whatsapp
  2. Click on Force Stop
  3. Now open WhatsApp again and long press on Friend WhatsApp who send you bombing and Delete chat.
  4. That's it your Whatsapp will start working fine again and still, your Whatsapp is hanging. Then go to Mobile phone Setting and clear data of Whatsapp App.

Final Words

Hope you guys like this guide for Crashing your Friend WhatsApp account using Whatsapp Message Bomber App. Guys Must try this Whatsapp bomber App. It is really Awesome. Feel free to comment below if you are facing problem while using this Whatsapp bomber to crash your friend WhatsApp account

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