Best Free Password Manager 2018


It Is Very Difficult To Remeber Many Password Of Different Website. Password Manager can save You All Password You Don’t Need To Remeber All Password Only Rember one Password of password manager app so. I have some Best Free Password Manager 2018 And if you use the same password everywhere, one hack or lucky guess means that all of your accounts are compromised.
Best Free Password Manager 2018

Best Free Password Manager 2018

Whenever you need to create a new secure account for a new website or update a weak password, you don’t have to strain your brain trying to set some strong and unique password. You don’t have to remember such a complex password. The best password managers provide you with amazing features like hack notifications, auto-password changing and many more.

1. LastPass Password Manager
Free or $24 per year for Premium

LastPass Is One Of The Best Password Manager Over The Internet. There Is Many Is Awesome Feature Have like hack notifications, auto-password changing and password generation, site sharing and site logging, and two-factor authentication, LastPass Saves Your All Password Encrypted. This Is Very Easy To Use. Even You Can Generate Strong Password And Us LastPass Password Manager is the program to download.

It works best when you visit a site that a password is saved for. The LastPass box will immediately show up how many accounts have been saved for the site in question and these can be viewed by either clicking the star in the login form or by clicking the LastPass browser icon.
2. Keepass
Keepass Is an open-source Password Manager that one of best free password managers. There are Many Incredible Features Have like as auto-type, drag and drop, awesome interface.
keepassKeePass stores the usernames and passwords on the user’s device in an encrypted file. The password manager supports import and export of credentials in the form of XML, CSV, HTML, etc. files.

3. RoboForm

Password managers are almost expected to do a bit more than just lock away your prized safe words and RoboForm arguably does more than any other password manager out there. Running as a toolbar inside your browser, every option is immediately available to you every time a browser window is opened via the toolbar.

RoboForm works by making you set up one master password, which you must remember, and this gives access to all your passwords as well as any other saved data such as form fill information, credit card numbers and other information you might want to save.
When you save a password for a site it also gives you the option to add it to the RoboForm toolbar, therefore, giving you even easier access to your favourite sites and the strong AES encryption used makes RoboForm a strong option for all users.

4. Keeper Desktop

Free for 30 days then from $9.99 per year (around £7 or AU$13)
keeper gives free for 30 days unlimited password storage, encrypted cloud backup, secure sharing of passwords, web app access and the latter option also benefits from multi-device syncing to keep all your data up-to-date on whichever device you’re using.

5. Password Depot

Finishing off the top five is another one that, although it asks for a fee, will still let you get quite a lot of functionality out of its freeware version – just so long as you don’t sign up for any more than 20 websites.

Password Depot takes on an appearance that makes it look like one of the new style Windows Explorer windows, it’s a very detailed password manager that is slightly tricky to set up compared with some of the other services on offer elsewhere.

Once you have set up a file to save passwords into, the service runs outside the browser through a toolbar that pops up at the top of the screen. From here you can choose to visit sites already saved and Password Depot saves passwords by prompting you to record the information once you are on the site.
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