Best Torrent Downloader App For Android 2018

Torrent is Best Way To Download large files quickly  Such as Tv Show Movies And Software and More this things. Torrent is a type of file sharing Peer-to-peer System that can download large files from the internet.
Best Torrent Downloader App For Android Phones 2018
If You Want to download a torrent file you need a torrent client, a torrent client is a software that can access the peer-to-peer network where the files associated with the torrent are being shared. If you have an Android device, then there are lots of apps that can help you to download torrent files directly from your phone. 

Best Torrent Apps For Android

1- Flud Torrent

Flud torrent is a very popular torrent application. This is the torrent client it is having the good user interface and material design. There is a huge number of users who are using this application to download the torrent files from the internet. I Also Use This One 

There Are features in Flud Torrent, Such As You Schedule Downloading.this is the best application to download files and movies. Flud is Two different themes available.

2- µTorrent

µTorrent is  Best Torrent Downloader But Not As Flud This Application Lack Too Much And Free Version have Too Many Ads So µTorrent Is not Best Way But You Can Use.µTorrent is the widely used torrent application. But utorrent is Best Torrent Downloader For Pc.

There is a huge number of settings to download the files from µTorrent. If you click on the Magnet download, the browser will automatically open the µTorrent application. Users can delete the files from the application, and they can remove it simply without deleting the data, or they can eliminate the torrent from the files. Users can also save the files to the external memory which is a great feature

#3 Bit Torrent

Bit Torrent and the µTorrent is the widely used torrent application for the desktops. The same for Android users it helps the users to download the files quickly. The best part about this app is it is having really a very simple design. The other best part about this app is that users can move the files to the SD Card easily with the help of this application. Deleting and adding the torrent files is also easy and can be done with some clicks.
There is some application which is having one of the drawbacks that there is a limit while downloading the torrent files but one of the best things about Bit Torrent is that you don’t need to wait or anything you can directly download the files without any limit. There will be ads running in the application. You can also buy the premium version of the application.

4 tTorrent Lite

tTorrent is unique from the list given above why? just because it is having the feature which helps the users to create their own torrent files. This feature is not available in any other torrent application which makes this application unique. tTorrent is having the feature to enter your own proxy and download the torrent files. There are a number of features available in this application.
There are ads available in this app. If you want to enjoy the ad-free version then you can buy the premium version of the application. This application is also having the web-integrated browser and this helps the users to easily download the torrent files.

#5 Vuze Torrent Downloader

Vuze Torrent is the application which helps the users to download all the torrent files in just some clicks. There is a feature in this app if you are going to download any movies. There is a feature in this application which tells users to show the IMDB Rating of the movies and TV Shows. There are different sections which show the downloads, Seeding, Finished, Unfinished torrent files. This way you can download the files.
vuze torrent downloader
This way you can download the torrent files this was the list of the Best Torrent Apps For Android. If we are missing any app from the list, then you can tell us below in the comment section.
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