Instant Money Loans Are A Saving Grace For People With A Lower Income

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How often do we go to the banks or actually take a call that explains to us the various credit card schemes and offers? I would say, none. Even before the person gives their introduction we tend to hang up the phone. This is primarily due to the fact that the long complicated process to apply for a credit card can be stressful. At times there are just fake calls or phishing attempts that try to briskly steal your money.

instant loan app

instant loan app

So to save people from this havoc, I would like to introduce a safe credit loan app, YeLo. On YeLo, brief systematic information has been given regarding all aspects of the credit card. I found it immensely useful.

But before we get into that, let me tell you my personal struggle with debt and how finding this app changed life positively for me.

# Empowering Students to Make Necessary Purchases!

Passionate about photography, I envied people having all sorts of cameras and many types of lens. Soon, the fact that I got admission to a prestigious college for a photography course in New York made my parents proud. But the best colleges sometimes ask for a good amount of additional expenditure. So when the college asked me to bring a Nikon D750 with 24-120 4G VR Kit mandatorily; I didn’t know what to do. It costs Rs. 1,42,000 you see, which was far more than my savings as a student.

instant loans and offers

instant loans and offers

After consulting many people, one of them suggested the YeLo app as a means to opt for an instant money loan that will help me buy the camera. As all the information was provided on the app, I quickly filled in the details and got my loan approved at the earliest. Now I can pay in installments and fulfill my dream to become a professional photographer!


# Free Financial Advice on Loans and Improving your Credit Score:-

Soon after I graduated, I started my first job as a photographer for a fashion house. It was then that I noticed my colleague was trying to buy a house for a very long time now. He was working in my company for the past 7 years and had a decent salary of Rs 60,000. But, due to his low credit score, many of the banks neglected his loan application. Seeing him unable to offer sufficient evidence of his asset repayment capability; I realised the importance of saving a large portion of the salary each month and wisely using my credit cards.

However, he needed immediate financial advice to work on his credit score and improve it so advised him to find the right financial advice through the YeLo app. This then empowered him with information he needed to gradually improve his credit for future loans.

# Instant Money Loan Aided In Purchasing a Harley Davidson:-

Buying a Harley Davidson has always been on top of my brother’s bucket list. After 2 years of working the first thing that he wanted to spend his savings in, was a Harley. But sadly, his savings and a much lower income couldn’t suffice. Then and there, he realised that saving money will not always help you buy expensive things.

Soon he started browsing on various instant loan schemes and ways to get him one. Thankfully, I bumped into him and told him about YeLo as the perfect instant personal loan app. YeLo had made my life easier and would help my younger brother too. He scanned through different bank’s personal loan offers and opted for the one best suited for him.

Get Other Offer:

An app that gives immediate and apt information on credit cards and also free financial advice has now become available to everyone. My brother is now happier than ever with his new Harley Iron 883 all thanks to YeLo!

credit cards and loans

credit cards and loans


# YeLo is the One-stop Solution

During the time of emergencies, getting a wallet loan can be a lifesaver. The YeLo app has a user-friendly UI and helps you get a credit card soon after filling the application. Inquiring in various banks about their credit card schemes and their offers could be an arduous task. But YeLo precisely provides you with all the details of the leading bank’s credit card and personal loans schemes that make your bank related work effortless!

You also get to keep a track on which credit or debit cards are providing huge cashback on innumerable shopping sites. So what are you waiting for? Click here to Check out the YeLo app now!

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